Jean-Paul Buongiorno is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most

eclectic, entertaining and soulful guitarists. His passion for music spans many

genres including Flamenco, Brazilian, Latin, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Reggae

and Classical, all of which are reflected in his unique personal style

as well as in his compositions.

Jean-Paul was raised in an Italian/French family in Madison, WI.

His musical journey began at age 7 with piano lessons, but it was only upon picking up the guitar in high

school that he found inspiration.

Although mostly self taught, Jean-Paul’s inexhaustible curiosity in

the guitar has led him to study with such people as Jazz guitarists

Mimi Fox and Randy Vincent, Flamenco guitarists Jason Mcguire, Antonio

Rey and Juan Del Gastor, and Brazilian guitarists Paolo Bellinati and


He has performed in countless venues, festivals and stages across the

U.S., Spain and Brazil, and has played events for such names as Barack

Obama, Larry Ellison, Bono, Willie Brown, Gavin Newson, Google, Apple,

Oracle, Audi and Hyundai among others.

Jean-Paul currently lives in Berkeley, California where he continues

to perform, compose, record and teach.